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Combining AI, BigData & Blockchain

NeuroBlock is an innovative platform that integrates AI, Big Data and Blockchain to revolutionize data analytics and sharing. It offers secure, insightful, and rewarded interactions within its ecosystem.

NeuroAI Business Intelligence

A sophisticated suite designed for in-depth market research and competitive analysis.

Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Product Trends
SEO Analysis
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NeuroBlock User Dashboard

A central hub where users can sell their browsing history data in exchange for NBK Token while maintaining privacy and control.

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DataBlock Collector Chrome Extension
NBK Token rewards
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NBK Token

The NBK Token is the core of our ecosystem, rewarding users for anonymously sharing their browsing data to be used by NeuroAI for analysis.

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The NeuroBlock Ecosystem

UsuarioUser Dashboard
NBK Token
NBK Token
NBK Token
NBK Token
NBK Token
EmpresaNeuroAI Business Intelligence

Users collect anonymous browsing data using the DataBlock Collector extension and manage it through the User Dashboard. These DataBlocks remain in the users' possession until they decide to sell them, at which point they receive NBK Tokens in exchange. NeuroAI processes the sold DataBlocks, feeding its NeuroAI Business Intelligence platform, which provides advanced analytics for businesses.

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User Dashboard

The User Dashboard is a platform for Internet Users that allows anonymous login to sell Internet browsing data collected by the DataBlock Collector extension in exchange for NBK tokens.

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DataBlock Collector

The DataBlock Collector is a Google Chrome extension that anonymously collects browsing history, organizing scattered data into structured data packages called DataBlocks, which are exchanged for NBK Tokens.

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A DataBlock is a structured data package created by the DataBlock Collector, which compiles scattered browsing history data into an organized format. These DataBlocks are then exchanged for NBK Tokens.

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NBK Token

The NBK Token is the cryptocurrency used within the NeuroBlock ecosystem to reward users for anonymously sharing their browsing history data, packaged into DataBlocks. This data is used to feed NeuroAI for advanced business analytics.

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NeuroAI is the engine that powers the NeuroBlock Business Intelligence platform. It leverages Big Data collected from across the internet, including DataBlocks gathered by our Chrome extension, to provide advanced analytics and insights for market research, business competitor analysis, product trend analysis, and SEO optimization.

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NeuroAI Business Intelligence

NeuroAI Business Intelligence is a sophisticated tool used for market research, business competitor analysis, product trends analysis, and SEO optimization. It leverages AI and Big Data to transform anonymous browsing history data, packaged into DataBlocks, into actionable insights for businesses.

NeuroAI Business Intelligence