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DataBlock Collector Extension

Anonymously collect your web browsing history and earn money in the data economy.

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1. Download Metamask Extension

Download Metamask cryptocurrency wallet, the most trusted and used by cryptocurrency users, to log in and connect to the NeuroBlock ecosystem. Read more about how Metamask works.

DataBlock CollectorDownload Metamask in Chrome web Extension

2. Download NeuroBlock DataBlock Collector

Download our DataBlock Collector extension for Google Chrome from the Chrome web store.

DataBlock CollectorDownload DataBlock Collector Extension

3. Connect with Metamask

Once you have downloaded our extension, access it and connect with Metamask.


4. Accept the connection from Metamask

Continue with the connection process. Once you have connected to Metamask, your wallet will be asign to the DataBlock Collector and used to identify you.

5. Start Collecting Data!

Your browsing history will be automatically and anonymously collected. In order to sell it and earn rewards in NBK Token, you must access the User Dashboard to sell your browsing history.

DataBlock CollectorLog In the User Dashboard

6. Check your rewards in Metamask Wallet

We are currently using a test token called TestNBK (NBKTNT), deployed on the Amoy testnet. Add Amoy to your Metamask wallet and import the TestNBK contract address.