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NBK Token

Currently using a test token called TestNBK (NBKTNT) deployed on the Amoy testnet.

Democratizing the Internet Data Economy

The NBK Token is the engine of the NeuroBlock ecosystem, a revolutionary digital asset aiming to transform how Data is valued and exchanged across the Internet. Join us in building a more democratic and equitable digital economy.

NBK Token NeuroBlock

We are currently testing a token called TestNBK (NBKTNT) on the Amoy testnet. Stay tuned for an upcoming AirDrop of real NBK Tokens!


Use DataBlock Collector extension and earn NBK Tokens rewards.

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Initial Coin Offering

Get ready for our upcoming ICO of the NBK Token and join the future of the NeuroBlock Ecosystem.

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The future of Internet Data Economy

Our vision

At NeuroBlock, we believe Internet Data holds immense value. Currently, only large tech corporations benefit from this economy. With the NBK Token, we are changing this by allowing users to share their browsing data anonymously and receive rewards in return.

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NBK Token Value Proposition

The value of NBK Tokens is backed by Internet browsing data collected anonymously by users through the DataBlock Collector Chrome extension and its utilization by NeuroAI for market research and business optimization.

Economic agents of the ecosystem

Current status

Validated ecosystem

Our ecosystem has achieved significant milestones, with over 300 data sales through the extension, demonstrating strong user engagement and platform utility.

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NBK testing phase

We are currently testing a provisional token, NBK Test Token (NBKTNT), on the Polygon Amoy testnet to reward users who share data via our DataBlock Collector Chrome extension.

Upcoming Airdrop & ICO

While the NBK Test Token currently has no inherent value, users holding these tokens earned through the DataBlock Collector extension will benefit from a future airdrop of the final NBK Tokens.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce our upcoming ICO, which will offer the final NBK Tokens to the public.